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  • To see people unafraid and unashamed of sharing their faith, despite where they are in life. 

  • To see our desires change from things that please and benefit solely us to things that please God and His people.

To strengthen believers and draw in unbelievers as we serve our community with events, clothing, and love.



The man behind the organization, known as Clyde, is of Liberian descent and spent most of his life in Delaware. During the end of his freshmen year at the University of Delaware, he joined a student organization called “Warriors for Christ.” Warriors for Christ met weekly to learn more about God through His word and how to truly follow Christ. It was through Warriors for Christ in 2010 that Clyde became serious in his faith and started to devote his life to God. 


On October 10, 2010 Clyde founded The Nightly Noodle project to inspire and motivate those on Facebook through Christ. The meaning of this name is indeed creative. Clyde chose the night time to share devotionals because it is when the mind is most vulnerable. The word noodle developed from the phrase “Food For Thought” and the depiction that your brain is your “noodle”. Because the Bible is God’s word and through it we are spiritually fed, “The Nightly Noodle” seemed like a perfect fit. Clyde branched out to other social networks and by 2012, committed all of his energy to the ministry, and began having events where he spotlighted different artists. Similarly, he did a lot of campus ministry with Warriors for Christ: leading bible studies, coordinating evangelism trips, and facilitating open discussions. 


The ministry introduced this clothing line, Hungry For Him, in 2016 and since then God has continued to multiply! Clyde has traveled all over the country attending conferences, hosting events, and sharing the Word of God. He took the ministry to his home country of Liberia to give back to the community - providing supplies, clothing, and toys for children. He and his wife, Jun, live in Delaware and continue to serve their community in creative ways. 


Most recently, Clyde celebrated the 10 year anniversary of The Nightly Noodle and is excited to experience many more milestones as God allows. May you enjoy the ministry! Blessings.

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